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All things maritime run in the blood of the Dutch. This is particularly true for those working at Handelsonderneming J.W. van Stee B.V., based in the striking sea port of Harlingen and situated within a stone’s throw from the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.

Because it has knowledge and skills as its compass and passion as its motive, our company is globally considered a beacon of reliability in the fields of maritime project management, maritime services, ship supply, towage & salvage and shipbuilding, conversion & repair.

Its good seamanship, flexibility, short lines of communication and extensive network ensure rapid, effective solutions. Thanks to our QHSE management system you can rest assured that all our operations are controlled and our performance is continuously monitored for potential improvement.

We set great store by sustainable entrepreneurship. That is why we are fully alive to any human and environmental risks with regard to all our operations. Handelsonderneming J.W. van Stee tries to prevent or minimise those risks. We do this as a team comprising trained people who respect each other and are committed to the company, its clients and the world around us.

Our vision

Our company vision is characterised by an important motto: ‘Fun is of the essence’. This is what we radiate through our enthusiasm, which can be found throughout all tiers of our organisation. Our entrepreneurship focuses on the niche market, all over the world. Other people’s problems in that market constitute challenges for us. Because of our remarkable flexibility, we can usually provide sound and effective solutions. We can mobilise our extensive network for that. Besides that, our strength lies in rapidly taking action, which is made possible by the smallest number of organisational layers.


Handelsonderneming J.W. van Stee guarantees its performance by applying the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system. This system ensures that all operations are controlled and our performance continuously improves. Not surprisingly, we are proud of our certifications according to the following standards:

  • NEN-ISO 9001: 2015
  • NEN-ISO 14001: 2015
  • VCA** 2017/6.0
  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006
  • ISM

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